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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga comes from the United States and is an innovative form of exercise, which prolongs and relieves the spine, activates the muscles of the entire body and provides good blood circulation, balance and coordination. With the use of special Aerial Yoga silk or yoga hammock, you can effortlessly perform a variety of yoga and Pilates positions, as well fun routines from the field of aerial dance. The practice is relaxing, restorative and extremely fun.

The development of Aerial Yoga was heavily influenced by the popularity of acrobatic groups such as the Cirque de Soleil. Dancer and choreographer Christopher Harrison, founder of the Anti-Gravity dance movement, was among those giving the incentive to develop this new type of yoga. Harrison’s special form of exercise achieved great success across the US and in Europe. At the same time other areas Aerial Yoga were developing, some focused more on traditional yoga, other more on aerial dance and acrobatics. People around the world are trying this new, fun and relaxing form of exercise, which has many positive effects, and does not require any special yoga knowledge.
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All Aerial Yoga in March 2020 is canceled.