Pricelist and application

1x week
2x week
Single session
Introduction session
Enrolment fee
37 € / month (4 lessons, 90 minutes each)
59 € / month (8 lessons, 90 minutes each)
15 € (90 minutes)
15 € (60 minutes)
5 € / year
Before committing to Aerial Yoga, you can try it out first. To apply, please send an e-mail to

Wear soft, form-fitting clothes without metal or sharp parts (zippers, snaps, buttons) and for safety reasons, remove all jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, piercings). Wear a shirt with short or long sleeves (shirts without sleeves are not suitable).

If you wish to combine Aerial Yoga with other workshops conducted by the Dance Centre, you are eligible for discount for each additional workshop.

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Where to find us
Center plesa
Tkalski prehod 7
2000 Maribor
(behind Jurčičeva pasaža)

T: 031 772 912